Fun Facts About Lucky Jefferson Magazine

When was Lucky Jefferson Founded?

We’d like to think that Lucky Jefferson was spiritually born during a text message conversation with a good friend of ours. In that conversation, a typo occurred and the words Lucky Jefferson was born. Our founder saved the typo in a note on her phone and little did she realize, she’d use that typo a few years later to start Lucky Jefferson.

So our official founding occurred sometime in 2018 and our first issue Testament was produced and published in print in the winter of 2019.

If Lucky Jefferson was an animal, what would that be?

Lucky Jefferson is constantly changing and adapting to the current pulse of publishing so it makes sense that our spirit animal would be a chameleon. We’re eclectic and so full of life and creativity.

What is Lucky Jefferson’s favorite issue?

That’s a tough one! Our favorite issue might be Introspection. It’s the most mature issue we’ve put out and it’s all about nature and organic relationships and how they affect our daily lives. The art in Introspection is also some of our favorite to date, especially having been designed by a number of art students that have since graduated from our Literary Illustrator Internship Program.

Define Lucky Jefferson’s favorite genre of literature.

It’s a tie between absurdist, speculative, and gothic literature.

Total number of authors published to date? 

238—4 print issues and 3 digital collections.

What’s your largest issue to date?

We published 43 authors for our issue Exposed

Lucky Jefferson’s biggest pet peeve?

When it’s clear someone hasn’t become besties with our Submit page. We call it the holy grail of everything you need to know when submitting to us and sometimes it just doesn’t get enough love. 

We also find it odd that some people submit to journals for sport or just to receive a rejection (there are “rejection challenges” where authors strive to get 100 submissions in a year). We find these challenges or goals a little problematic at times because, from an editor’s perspective, it encourages authors to submit work ‘just because’ which we find disrespectful of our time and energy as a journal and literary community. 

There’s nothing wrong with a little fun and games, but we love it when people actually want to be a part of what we do. Journals have feelings too!

What about Lucky Jefferson’s unique social media art?

We try to make sure each published work has supplementary artwork that represents and visually communicates the narrative at hand. We’re a pretty ambitious journal and while we don’t promise or guarantee this, it’s certainly something we strive for!

One of Lucky Jefferson’s dreams?

We’d like to open up a gallery where people can enjoy poetry and art in real-time. We’d also like to branch out and dig even deeper into the art and music scene. Maybe an artsy podcast of sorts! 

Check out Lucky Jefferson here.

Header image credit:  Janine Liu

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