Consequence Magazine’s Most-recent Work

Consequence is honored to present some of the most thought-provoking art and writing in our expanding online forum. We seek out work addressing political violence and the culture and consequences of war and give voice to the individual witness— combatant, victim or any person whose life is forever affected by his or her experience with war and political violence. We continue to provide writers and visual artists a global platform for their relevant work and to publish work by writers from all countries, writers who address war’s impact on their societies. Here’s some of our most recent work. 

“Muffled” by Helen Zughaib (art feature, above image)

“Black Sea” by Anastasia Kozak (fiction)

“Remembering the Alchemists” by Richard Hoffman (nonfiction)

“Ignobled in Indianapolis” by Kermit Frazier

“Blue People Reading” by William Doreski (poetry)

“Old Soldier, Lower East Side” by David Salner (poetry)

“Blue Swee” by Shalom Gorewitz (video)

Plus recorded interviews and events with Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai (The Mountains Sing), Teresa Fazio (“The Feminine Heroic” )and  M.C. Armstrong (In Conversation with Andria Williams).

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The header art is titled “Muffled” by Helen Zughaib.

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