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Looking for a spooky read? A cozy mystery? Something historical?

Otherwords Press is an award-winning independent press with a love of history, mystery, and more. Otherwords was originally founded as Dark Ink Press in 2016, launching authors such as Sheena MacLeod (Reign of the Marionettes), P.A. Turner (Comes the Dark), and Conner McAleese (The Goose Mistress). Otherwords is also home to Douglas Debelak’s Ghostwriter series and Michael Walsh’s romp through the French wine trade (Spilt Wine). This year, Otherwords takes the plunge into nonfiction with the release of Joseph Langlois’ A Brief History of Taunton State Hospital and the Massachusetts Farm Bureau’s collection of Massachusetts Century Farms. These two volumes join Dee Michel’s seminal work Friends of Dorothy: Why Gay Boys and Gay Men Love ‘The Wizard of Oz’, a best seller for three years running.

Fall fiction includes the second in Ed Farrell’s Angel series. Clergyman Mickey Powell is back in Snow Angel, the follow up to Farrell’s smash debut, White Angel. In the midst of a retreat in the middle of the woods, one of Powell’s students is found dead, coated in snow and staring up to the heavens. Powell is convinced there is more to the scene than local law enforcement is willing to acknowledge but what will it take to get them to listen?

If you’re looking for a good coming of age novel, Westfield State University senior Lindsay Stenico’s debut, The Assignment, follows high school student Sammi as she navigates an unexpected relationship amidst family turmoil and teenaged introspection.

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