“All Lit Up!”: Lit Crawl Boston’s Four Stories

We all know literature pairs well with laughter like a Cabernet Sauvignon with a juicy steak! Steven Beeber’s interview will have you giggling and eager to have even more fun at their session, Four Stories, during Lit Crawl Boston on June 6. Read on to find out more–and between the laughter, creative thoughts, and excitement make sure to check out this session on the Lit Crawl Boston schedule.


  1.    Tell me a bit about how your session came to be? Was there something that inspired you to form your group?


Steven: Four Stories was originally the baby of Tracy Slater, but when she moved to Japan and had a real baby, we three (myself, Sari Boren, and Steve Brykman) took over. Regarding our event at Lit Crawl, it’s a specialized version of Four Stories in which both the readings and the questions for the readers are shorter. It’s like Insta-Four-Stories. Just add water (well, alcohol actually) and you have our regular event at The Burren in Somerville.

  1.    What is one thing you hope those attending Lit Crawl Boston will gain from your session?


Steven: As with writing in general, we hope not just to entertain but to move those who come. Or rather, we hope that our readers do so. We have a great lineup and I’m sure that there will be laughter, provocative ideas and maybe even a few wet eyes during the course of the night. Of course after the readers do their thing, they answer questions from the audience, and these are by definition funny. No “What do you use to write, a pencil or a pen?” — more, “How does your mother feel knowing she gave birth to someone who could imagine something so sick?” (though asked in a tongue in cheek manner, of course.)


  1.    In honor of Lit Crawl including drinks or food, what would your session be if it could be any type of drink and or type of food item?


Steven: We actually offer food and drink at our regular events, so in a sense we’re only involved in Lit Crawl because it’s copasetic! But if we were to be a beverage or food item? Perhaps a very dry martini accompanied by a bowl of hot chili. Or a beer with vichyssoise. Or a shot of rubbing alcohol with a communion wafer. All of these pair well.


  1.    Boston is such a historic and literary city! If you could have any historical figure attend your session who would it be and why?


Steven: I personally have always felt guilty by association for Edgar Allan Poe being run out of the city, so he would definitely be on my short list. And to provide the appropriate beverage for the audience member who asked him the best question, we’d offer a “Rogue Dead Guy.”

Thank you Steven for such a fantastic interview! Now let’s get ready to “lit crawl!”

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