“All Lit Up!”: Lit Crawl Boston’s Food Will Keep Us Together

Food is the way to the heart. Deborah Norkin’s session Food Will Keep Us Together is sure to bring out the foodie in us all. This interview is full of wise words, will make you want to delight in something delectable, and smile. Interviewing Deborah Norkin was the greatest treat of all, read on to find out more about this wonderful session and why you should attend it.

  1.    Tell me a bit about how your session came to be? Was there something that inspired you to form your group?

Deborah: I started producing and hosting literary events to bring my author friends and reader friends together. Bringing people together to celebrate books is one of my great joys. Being able to talk about books and food makes it even better. At the last Lit Crawl, I produced A Taste of Boston Food Writing. I chose Food Will Keep Us Together as this session’s theme because food really is one of the few things every human being has in common. If we understand each other through what we eat, all the noise of the world disappears and we can see each other as people with the same wants, needs, and desires.Crystal’s depth of knowledge of food history is brilliant. When I read Dariel’s work, I feel like he’s in the room with me. Grace’s memoir has many stories of how food and culture are often interchangeable.

  1.    What is one thing you hope those attending Lit Crawl Boston will gain from your session?

Deborah: To see beyond the surface and know that every person deserves dignity, respect, and consideration. We all hunger. We all love. We all want to live in peace.

  1.    In honor of Lit Crawl including drinks or food, what would your session be if it could be any type of drink and or type of food item?

Deborah: A great big pot of something that everyone can share. Paella, or Pot au Feu.

  1.    Boston is such a historic and literary city! If you could have any historical figure attend your session who would it be and why?

Deborah:No question. Julia Child. I actually served her a salad when I was working on the line at the Harvest in Harvard Square a few decades ago. I didn’t see her eat it, but when the plate came back empty, I was thrilled. She possessed such a generous spirit. I have rewatched her shows many times and even though beyond that one salad, we never met, she is like a friend to me.

Thank you Deborah for this lovely interview, now let’s get ready to “litcrawl!”

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