“All Lit Up!”: Lit Crawl Boston’s Silent Book Club

We all have an author or character that has inspired us. Here at the Boston Book Fest we are inspired by Manasa Davuluri who has brought with her from the West Coast the great session Silent Book Club. This club was born from friendship and from it attendees may garner not only some great book recommendations, but some new friends too! The best part about this session? You can join the Silent Book Club and continue to have a great time long after Lit Crawl Boston. Continue reading to find out more and if you like what you read click on our previous blog posts to get an inside look at our many other great sessions happening at this year’s Lit Crawl Boston.


  1.    Tell me a bit about how your session came to be? Was there something that inspired you to form your group?


Manasa: I remember seeing an article last year on Silent Book Club that talked about how it got started by two friends in San Francisco before spreading to many other cities. At the time, I was living in Sacramento and decided to start a chapter there with my friend, just to see how it went. We were thrilled with the positive response and the strong turnout from the beginning. It’s a unique idea and it seemed like people were waiting for something like this to join. When I moved to Boston last summer, I started a chapter here as a way to meet new people. Hosting these events at Trident has been lovely and making guilt-free time to read in the middle of a busy week has been an act of self-care.


  1.    What is one thing you hope those attending Lit Crawl Boston will gain from your session?


Manasa: I hope they gain a relaxing space to enjoy one of their hobbies/passions and a sense of community by meeting new people. Silent Book Club is not a complicated concept but it almost seems revolutionary in its simplicity. The fact that you can take yourself out for a night while you’ve got all these other obligations going on (gasp!). Or that you can go to a book club that doesn’t bring you back to high school with assigned reading and discussion questions. It seems like people always say they wish they could read more but just don’t have the time. I hope some of them could walk away from SBC feeling like it’s possible, and that it’s something they can continue to do for themselves and/or with their friends.

  1.    In honor of Lit Crawl including drinks or food, what would your session be if it could be any type of drink and or type of food item?



  1.    Boston is such a historic and literary city! If you could have any historic figure attend your session who would it be and why?


Manasa: This is a really hard question and I definitely need more time to consider! But off the top of my head, Jane Austen springs to mind. Not only is she likely a beloved author of many of our attendees, I just feel her personality would be a great fit for SBC:  bookish, lighthearted, witty, curious, and fantastically observant!


Thank you Manasa for a fantastic interview! Now let’s get ready to “Lit Crawl!”


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